Bringing Integral Methodology To The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If positive and correct surroundings ever emerge in Israel, what will it look like?

Answer: I spoke about specifics in Israel yesterday in Ashdod at the lecture that was dedicated to “What Awaits Us in 2013.” All we can expect is the result of our own work. Whatever we accomplish, we’ll get back accordingly. We are the masters of our destiny and all depends on what we choose.

If we know how this world is organized and governed and have some idea on what the upper force is, the way It acts and where It leads us, if we follow it and become Its partners, we will easily and quickly reach success. In this case, everybody will follow us and we will be blessed both in this world and in the upper world.

If we don’t do that, we will have to go through very harsh adversities, mostly in the fields of safety, healthcare, unemployment, anti-Semitism, etc. We will be subject to very strong pressure that will obligate us to do our job anyway and give the method of correction to the entire world.

The world has always hated Jews without any clear understanding of the reason for this animosity and they blame the Jews for all their troubles. Today, we have to explain to others why they hate us so much. Actually, unless we fulfill our mission, there is reason to hate us. However, hatred by itself won’t help. Other nations should be assisting us in the mass distribution of the wisdom of Kabbalah masses; it will bring all of us to correction.

The time has come; there is no point in waiting for something particular to happen. Whatever comes about will be an outcome of our desires. This is what I talked about at the lecture.

We have to move in this direction, and Israel will become the center of the worldwide education where the Light will spread to all.

This means that there will be a large integrated education academy. It will be based on a strong and solid ideological platform; thousands of people will learn how to act together in connection with each other. For without connection, there is no force. They will be similar to the Sanhedrin, and unity will let people develop new and innovative methods of educating children, adults, and various sectors of society and will provide answers to their questions.

So the method of correction will spread from here all over the world, and our regional groups will become major educational branches that will adapt and translate the study materials to suit their countries and regions. They will hold workshops, lectures, discussions, and broadcasts in the media so that the methodology will quickly spread everywhere and the world will see it as the only way to achieve a good and comfortable future and satisfaction.

And then, thanks to integral education, people will see that there is another “dimension” behind it. People will see that unity offers them the possibility of a special uplifting, and they will aspire to it. This is the way they will attain the Creator. It is said: “All shall know Me from the least unto the greatest.” The wisdom and general desire to unite with the upper force and nature, to achieve harmony, universal integral relationships, internal connection, and worldwide community based on the principles of mutual guarantee will spread throughout the world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/13, “The Peace”

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