Where Do We Fail?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How are the two types of work we have to do connected: the internal and external vessels and desires?

Answer: Different opportunities come along occasionally and you should understand that your inner vessels are in the “center of the group” and everything that you feel internally has nothing to do with spirituality. Spirituality begins at the point where you want to break off from your “self” and to be incorporated in the group and lose yourself there by fulfilling only what is in the mind and heart of the friends.

Question: On one hand, a person lowers his head, and on the other hand, the group influences him, so where do we fail?

Answer: We don’t understand that spirituality is actually hidden in the connection between us. It is not quite clear to what extent so that we would yearn only for the “center of the group” where the Creator is and also the created being, the spiritual worlds, the Shechina, and everything there can be. We are learning how to relate to this central point correctly.

But we have to act and, in the meantime, our actions are not intensive enough. All the friends have to understand that it is only in the center of the group that we build our collective feeling and mind. Ibur (gestation) is associated with three elements: the Light, the sparks, and the vessels. It is only by connecting them that we reach a substantial “volume” in which something already happens even if it is on the initial primitive level of an “amoeba.” We need at least this for the spiritual start.

On the whole, it is about a long process that lasts until the end of correction. It all exists in the connection between us to the extent that the group attaches new people to it.

Even now we already have all sorts people in our global group. If they start to connect, then a kind of a mini model of the end of correction is formed in a qualitative sense, which contains all the possible details of perception, representatives of all the nations, all the streams, everything there is. If we could connect, we could form a nucleus, a beginning of the correction of all of humanity and of all of reality in general, of all the worlds. In this unity there would be all the “seventy nations of the world,” and then we would also bring all the nations in the external world to unity. We would complete the correction for them by collecting all their attributes, which means that we would effectively accomplish our mission and everyone else would join on their own. After all, if we have already corrected ourselves together with the attributes of the world that have been part of us for ages, it is done.

This is what we are required to do, and it is all “the center of the group.”

Question: What prevents us from taking a step towards this connection and to focus on it?

Answer: I can prepare a thousand reminders for myself about the fact that the center of reality is the center of the group. It won’t help. It is because my egoistic desire negates and erases this. There must be a stronger influence of the environment’s opinion that constantly pressures me and by that obligates me to think and worry only about that.

Question: Under what conditions is this bestowal fulfilled?

Answer: We need to make efforts; we need to attack; there has to be the unity of Israel, the Torah, and the Creator. Perhaps we are missing one of these elements. A person himself cannot perform an altruistic action and only the Light can bring him closer to that. This means that we need the source of the Light; we need to summon it and obligate it. And this requires the “prayer of many“.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/13, A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar”

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