The Monolithic Unity Of The Team

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The children are our future and the world’s future. They work on connection by playing games, but sometimes they get tired of the connection games and say, “That’s it, enough! We want someone to finally win.” What can we do in situations like this?

Answer: It is a problem when someone in the group wants to win. It means that the game isn’t managed correctly. Of course, both grownups and children always wish to win. It is a psychological urge that exists in each of us to some extent. However, education is about teaching a child gradually to think that it is impossible to win alone but only together, and then a habit becomes a second nature.

This is psychology. This is how many groups around the world are trained, such as divers, athletes, and so on. It is psychological training. When a person understands that, even if he succeeds in something, it is still thanks to the group. So, this is something that must be learned. We can teach this to kids so that they will think, feel, and behave that way.

There is even a tragic example of a submarine that was sinking and half the crew could have saved themselves, but the other half could not. So, the first half refused to leave the submarine, and eventually they all died. They felt that they were so connected that they could not leave their friends!

This example shows to what extent the preparation for connection—for the feeling of “we” without which there is no “I”—is developed in a person.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 2

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  1. Wonderful lesson , Rav! You put easilly in words what I always felt, the way I’m always try to act and people do not understand. The resistance in people’s heart is so strong that they think we are stupid people who they can ride like a horse, when in fact we are people who follow the path that was writtent to us. Accept what it is and how it is with humble heart, it does put us one step forward.

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