Don’t Leave What You Have Started; You Are Responsible Not Only For Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to accept that the spiritual path is continuous work. However, today, you must overcome the indifference, and tomorrow, you will have to overcome hatred, such strong hatred that you will be ready to do everything but that, the state in which it is beyond your powers to even think about the friends since it is worse than death for you. The friends will evoke such a terrible aversion in you. You will not be able to come in contact with them, to look at them, to think about them. However, at the same time, it is the same type of work, the recognition of the importance of the goal, the importance of the Creator, the importance of the friends, and the importance of the group.

We constantly must “stick” to the same line from morning to night, and, only thus, prepare ourselves for every lesson. Then, to the extent that we attain a certain level of connection and unity, we will discover the spiritual world in it. The level of the connection is the spiritual level that we have attained. Our collective feeling is called the “Creator,” stemming from the words “Come” and “See” (Bo – Reh). Where you can come and see it in the collective feeling. So, if we don’t work on it, there is nothing we can speak about. We must prepare ourselves to constantly be focused only on that.

If you don’t want that, you are wasting your time, and you’d better go and enjoy the worldly pleasures. If you don’t only make efforts in what’s important, then your entire spiritual path is a lie. It is better to enjoy life like “everyone else,” to understand more quickly that we finally should do something. Otherwise, it is as it is written: “A fool sits with folded hands and eats his own flesh.”

Rabash often used to say, “At least go and enjoy life,” since, when a person enjoys life, he thanks the Creator in his heart for having given him this life. You, however, torture yourself, eating yourself up and cursing the Creator. So, go have some fun, drink a beer with friends in the pub, take a walk, start making money, and enjoy life. Well, what’s the matter with you?

If not, we must be decisive in our work. If we have taken it upon ourselves to do something, then we must do what we have taken upon ourselves and not succumb to weakness. The main thing here is the feeling of responsibility. Mutual guarantee is actually mutual responsibility. I am responsible for everyone. If it were only about me, then I would have thrown everything away a long time ago. However, I am responsible for everyone. My conscience shouldn’t let me rest and relax.

So, I shouldn’t wait for special opportunities. I must start worrying now. How will I come to the lesson tomorrow morning? Am I ready to connect with the friends and demand the Light that Reforms? Do I want to create a “place” for adhesion with the Creator?

We need the greatness of the goal, the Creator’s greatness, to burn in us more and more strongly.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/12, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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