Plant A Concern For Your Friends In Your Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why am I unable to clearly comprehend the importance of the environment?

Answer: You feel that you do not fully comprehend its importance because you are not finding the corresponding desire within you. You understand the words, but your heart is not responding yet. Sometimes you even get sick and tired of hearing about it.

This is natural. You just need to continue working on the common desire. Everyone has to begin thinking that this is important and that this is exactly what we need. We artificially strive to care for one another: I care for others so they would direct their thoughts towards the goal together with me. I constantly worry about it and then a real fear ripens inside me: Will they be able to keep their thoughts on the goal?

And then the heart of the group appears before me, not their names or faces, but the deep desire that reigns among the friends. Is everyone’s desire ready to unite with others so all of them would aim at the goal? This is what concerns me. If this comes true, then we will attract a little bit of Light to this common desire over a brief period of study, and then we will attain the goal.

The problem is not the Light that influences us. The problem is for all of us to connect our desires to be together on the path to the goal. Primarily, this is the concern that has to settle in everyone’s heart. This is mutual guarantee.

When we have a common desire, it “flows” from one part of the friends to another, and therefore it is always working. When we strive to study in order to realize this desire and we don’t get distracted by any other goals, then we evoke the Light with this common desire that’s aimed at mutual bestowal, the Creator. Then we will be full of desire as we prepare to study and during the study.

There can be nothing beyond this. It is written: “Habakkuk came and reduced everything to one thing: a righteous man will live by his faith.” The greatest effect comes from an action by which you want to attain bestowal. Bestowal is also referred to as “faith.”

At the end, this is a very simple thing. Overall, Kabbalah keeps being revealed in an increasingly simplified manner. And even though the path is difficult and it takes years, we have the opportunity to greatly accelerate our development.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Yes, in my experience, the difficulty has been felt in the requirement for single-minded perseverance while hating that I hate to admit that I have no strength for it. Proof of this is in my sadness to find it thus– blind by the dark! Maybe I feel sad because the coming in was so sweet in contrast. Maybe I’m sad thinking of everyone having to walk this path. We truly want to know how to accelerate time. I’m just hoping we have the strength for one more step on and on. I just don’t seem to be able to make the connection somehow. It seems that the very persistence required by the path becomes a crippling detriment because it slows the ability to annul before the Creator. Please advise about the process of hastening time.

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