Correcting The Nations Within Myself

Dr. Michael LaitmanOne should not think about the correction of egoistic desires separately or compare them to the altruistic ones. It says at the end of the "Introduction to the Book of Zohar" that “the nations of the world” within us receive the correction from “Israel.” In other words, AHP receives its correction from Galgalta ve Eynaim.

Therefore, if we aspire to correct the connection between us, the rest will join it. The entire world will join us. We do not have to worry about this.

We only need support from the “nations.” We need a stream of those who can already become part of the category of “Israel,” whereas everyone else will be corrected through our work and then they too will receive an awakening. The power of correction will flow from us to them similar to the Light that comes from Galgalta ve Eynaim and then corrects and fills AHP.

It says in the Torah, “This is your wisdom and your mind before the eyes of the nations.” In other words, “Israel” must perform the corrections and as a result, the “nations of the world” within us will also become corrected.

When we read the authentic sources, it is important not to mix up these things with anything that surrounds us. At first we have to reveal and explore these things within ourselves. Only after that will it be possible to draw some conclusions about the external, imaginary world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/11, Writings of Rabash

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