Meet Reinforcements With Joy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we have enough Haman (egoism) rising in us to keep the group in the heart and to act in order to bring pleasure to the Creator?

Answer: No, it is not enough. We still need to add a lot of egoism to ourselves. It will be added to the extent of how we are engaged in connection between us and in dissemination, but mostly in connection.

After all, the egoism that we need now is the egoism which we will be able to reveal between ourselves, sitting at a round table, that will act between us in such a way that we will want to reject each other. We will not want to participate in joint activities; we will disagree with each other; perhaps, we will become estranged from each other. We need precisely this egoism.

It has yet to grow. But it will increase only if we understand how to deal with it and will meet it with joy.
From the Fundamentals Lesson 2/24/13

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