That’s The Way It Will Be

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will there come a time when wages will be linked not just to results but to the needs of the worker as with Marx, “To everyone according to his needs”?

Answer: This is the way it will be. However, it will happen when a person is satisfied with normal material needs only, without luxuries. This will be when he no longer receives satisfaction from the thought that he owns factories and businesses. This desire will disappear from within him.

We need to reach this kind of state. Thus, either we have to wait for it or we educate the nation. With the help of integral education, we accelerate the movement and quickly pass through these stages, although we don’t delete them as Russia tried to do by moving from serfdom to socialism bypassing capitalism. That is why Russia is now experiencing a reversal.

The next state of humanity is to provide the normal level of the material and all the rest is spiritual development only.

A maximum of 10% of humanity will work to supply all that is needed: food, clothing, building houses, etc. And the rest can be called, in modern language, unemployed. They will be closely involved with the integral law of nature and together with this will constantly feel a vast emptiness and great, new fulfillments inside. They will gradually cross over to the integral connection between them, will feel the Noosphere (the sphere of human thought),  will develop within them completely new habits, new inner feelings and emotions. They won’t have a need for telephones, cell phones, modems and other computer connections. They will be connected internally.

It is not telepathy that we imagine to ourselves as something supernatural. This is an extra sense that will develop in us under the influence of the integral mutual cooperation between us.

This is so because we constitute a single integral system. Only we don’t feel it. In nature everything is necessarily mutually connected to everything, but these laws are obligatory at the levels of inanimate, vegetative, and animate. And at our level they need to be recognized. And then we will feel the entire universe from one end to the other; we will feel internally how it breathes and lives.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/6/13

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