Game Over

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We suggest that people should be sent to school to study the laws of the integral system of the world. Who will finance this kind of education and provide the masses with basic necessities at the same time?

Answer: Measure the output of modern industry’s production. Essentially, it doesn’t have much use and only ruins the world. We just keep wasting resources, while we don’t produce anything good and really useful. People exchange meaningless things, nothing more.

Industry was previously based on the rule of “money-commodity-money,” but today this model has lost the commodity element: We sell money for money. That is what our “trade” is: We pass paper to one another.

The only commodities that still matter are related to the sphere of basic necessity. A person needs basic shelter and sustenance as well as a certainty that they won’t be gone today or tomorrow. The only thing they need to understand is that luxuries are cancelled. Instead, you will receive ideal fulfillment, but not the one you used to imagine. And we will teach you how to obtain it.

We help a person to understand that in the integral society, he or she will find perfect fulfillment in everything that exceeds basic necessity only by unifying with others. After all, they can no longer be fulfilled by all sorts of meaningless things found in this world.

Question: What will the economic paradigm supporting such a society be?

Answer: A very simple one since all modern industry, legislative agencies, and financial institutions are driven by illusion and trade nothing but useless paper. In the meantime, they are sustained by the natural resources that are being successfully drained.

Take them out of business and just give them food as it will be much less costly because in reality, they produce nothing instead of something, air instead of goods. Exchanging meaningless things leads only to waste. Except for a few staples we need, all the rest are merely toys for which we are willing to ruin the Earth.

The consumer society is a game we play:

“The TV said: Buy it.”
“So buy it.”

Wide-eyed, you run to the store and start up a chain that engages you in return. So we are building a heap that will eventually bury us.

For thousands of years humanity has developed grounded on the basic necessities. The majority lived without luxuries; even the clothes used to be passed down from generation to generation. However, a century old feast of the modern era has ruined the planet. Like it or not, we will have to put an end to it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/2011, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. A solution is direct coupling of all production to the light via adhesion with nature, but there is a completely new industry that does not exist much yet, but is emerging, it is the flip side, the bestowal of industry if you will, the recycles, the re setters, the re-energizers. When we use a fuel, it breaks and turns to waste, de energized, the light leaves the vessel of the matter as heat etc. This can be reset, by actively re energizing materials, but the only way this is thermodynamically viable is via the light of the sun, because the earth as a being needs to eat to survive. We are currently running on stored fats per say, and are starving, or at least humans are. Interestingly, plants, are perfect bestowers, capturing and storing sunlight. and making human fuel, food for us. It’s actually very nice of them. In terms of our chemical and electrical needs, we ideally should use a solar water plant, something that would produce electricity as well as store solar energy in a chemical form for when it is dark. This creates a buffer for the ‘dripping’ of the light, so that it goes from an unstable ac signal to a stable dc one, aka power constantly at a given rate. This I believe is called squaring the circle in masonic terms (:

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