Spiritual Reality Under A Microscope

Dr. Michael LaitmanNothing in the spiritual world is valued by its quantity, and so the smallest detail is as important as the greatest detail. Everything depends only on how things are valued in a person’s heart. We always see the same reality before us. The extent that it’s revealed to us (whether more or less) depends upon our perception, to what extent we can develop and refine our spiritual vessels and make them precise and delicate, so that they can detect the smallest discernments.

Reality itself, however, never changes. It’s said, “There is no partiality in spirituality.” Therefore, great and small only seem that way to me according to the scale of whether I am looking at it through my near-sighted eyes or whether I am wearing glasses, or using binoculars, or even a telescope. This means that everything depends upon my vessels of perception, on the desires, and to what extent I enlarge and correct them.

Everything depends on my scale. So it makes no difference whether it’s a small or a great thing: If I focus on the right goal, if I only worry about attaining the feeling of the Creator’s greatness that leads me forward, if I constantly develop it and respect it, by not letting myself disrespect it or forgetting it, then by that I will necessarily advance in the right direction towards the goal.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/31/12

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