Spirituality Does Not Come Because Of Favoritism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the use of making an effort trying to hasten one’s correction if one’s path is predetermined: all the corrections he has to go through and all his mistakes and transgressions?

Answer: If you don’t make an effort then you will never go through these mistakes and corrections. Suppose you are in the 3rd grade and have to go into 4th grade, but you don’t want to study so you are not allowed to go on to the 4th grade! What happens then? You will be punished and everyone will treat you badly: your parents, the teachers, and the school administration. You will remain in 3rd grade for another year until you complete all your assignments and are ready to go on to the next grade.

Have you gained anything by your laziness? So why do you ask about the benefit of your effort? You can’t go on to the next phase unless you complete the previous phase because the vessel isn’t prepared for it. How can you feel it, how can the next level be fulfilled in you?

It’s impossible to go on to the next spiritual level because of “favoritism.” It’s possible in our world, but not in spirituality. It’s because you don’t have vessels to feel, and you need to develop them by yourself, by the ascents and descents, by being confused and encountering problems, by making wrong decisions, by trying to break through by different nonsense, like a child who learns something.

Otherwise you will not advance. These are the laws of nature, so there will be no tolerance here and no forgiveness. Being tolerant is for someone who makes a mistake because he doesn’t know. This is acceptable only among people, but we are under a clear deterministic process in which every step is predetermined.

It’s impossible to go on to the next stage without completing the previous one first, until you are impressed by it, and acquire knowledge and feeling; until it’s engraved in your memory and you are ready to advance with this experience, until you have put together a vessel in which you now feel all the phenomena. Only then can you move forward.

In our world things don’t happen this way; here people find different detours since they don’t understand their states at all. When the Light comes and illuminates our state, we will understand the reasons why it happens this way and for what reason, the benefit in it, and how to relate to it correctly. Until then we act blindly according to our animal instincts.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/12, “The Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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