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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says: “I awaken the dawn and it isn’t the dawn that awakens me.” Is there a certain sequence of internal events that allow me to awaken the dawn as quickly as possible without any delays and to establish the connection with the group and with the Creator?

Answer: We can only hasten time and the desire to become Adam (human).

According to scientific data, the universe is 15 billion years old. Humankind has developed for hundreds of thousands of years, and it is only in the last 30,000 years that we have begun to approach the true level of Adam. This evolutionary process takes time.

As people grow older they suddenly feel that everything is so temporary, “Life has gone by and I haven’t even noticed…” This is our corporeal existence: it goes on and suddenly you feel that you are old and that you are about to “leave the scene.”

In spirituality it is different. In spirituality you know and feel how many discernments you have been through, how the world has advanced and what people have learned by approaching spirituality.

There were long periods of “delays” in history. The last exile lasted for 2000 years, and the great sorrow is that the process seemed to be halted from Above. People suffered simply because there were not allowed to advance towards the goal, they burned and yearned for it, but there was only darkness in response.

Now, however, the opposite is true: I am given everything from Above, even more than I can absorb, but the trouble is that I don’t need it; I actually want other things and suffer because I don’t have them.

We find ourselves in the middle, in the “section” between exile and redemption, as the attitude from Above has changed. Today things have been “opened” for us from Above, all the doors are open and the food is actually brought to our mouth, and all we have to do is to open our mouth like nestlings, but we don’t want to…

In order to awaken the dawn, we have to start by “mechanical” actions. It is because during the spiritual descent a person is “dead,” still. So start moving, organize a clear and accurate daily schedule and make sure that you follow it carefully. Look for different things to hold onto, take upon yourself different tasks that cannot be avoided…

There are many hours of powerlessness ahead. In such case, I for example, begin to work on articles by Baal HaSulam and Rabash. It is a kind of “hobby.” I correct them, delete commas, change words and phrases, and put them in a simpler language, etc. By this mechanical work we try to get back on track. It is because in the current descent we have nothing internal left, and we can only make external efforts. We need mutual guarantee, support from the friends, and a rigid schedule is necessary.

In any case, the exit from the descent depends on our efforts. Therefore it says that Israel hasten time. The Light comes from Above, of course, but we awaken it.

On the whole, we are advancing at an extraordinary speed these days, and I really have great hopes regarding the Arava convention that will be held this weekend. You will see. It will be much more qualitative than the previous conventions and we will feel discernments that we can organize and compare with each other.

An inclination, tension, readiness and the ability to stay “fit” and navigate ourselves internally is building up in each of us, as if we are holding a steering wheel in our hands. A person actually has to feel, to discover this “steering wheel” inside him: The road is opening before us and internally a person constantly stabilizes himself on the road and stays off the shoulders of the road.

We are so close to that, so close to this mutual control when I know how to behave with the Creator, and then I can actually “drive” by myself…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/14/13, Writings of Rabash 

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