Avoiding Sophistry

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur real existence develops in the desire and only in it. There is nothing but that. But, besides the desire and the picture that it creates in our feelings, I was given another temporary imaginary picture, an imaginary addition in the form of a physical body that is in a corporeal world. This reality doesn’t actually exist, but now it helps me be in an illusion of existence. When a real urge to use my initial desire will be revealed in me, I will approach it.

One way or another, everything takes place in the desire, with the physical body that is simply an “animal” that has no freewill and is not required to do any work. This body is an opportunity to approach the real work in the desire and not more than that. The picture that is depicted by my corporeal senses is the imaginary world.

This is why philosophical approaches and other methods of sophistry are so far from the truth. It is because they take the body into account, its actions and its imaginary potential, allegedly raising it above the animal level.

Now I have only bodily desires that create the illusion of the existence of a live body. As a result, I have to take care of the body of this desire, to guard it, and to provide it with different things. This corporeal desire lives and dies.

Besides that I have a point in the heart (•). I develop it by connecting with all the other points in order to attain love, and then in contrast to it, I feel aversion and hate. Then from zero to 100%, according to my exertion, I begin to develop the real ego inside me, the spiritual desire to receive. This happens when I enter the group, the right environment.

Until then, I only have an “animal” and a point in the heart that may have appeared. There are people who remain in the system of the body with the point for a long time. Even if they study with the friends but don’t involve love, the group, and don’t keep the first condition (1), they don’t reach the second stage, the feeling of hatred (2). The point only stimulates them a little. Later when they start the real work with the group, they leave the previous system and move on to a new system, which becomes the only important thing for them. Everything that happens with the bodily desires is totally irrelevant. It should be satisfied with the basic necessities and not ask for more.

Avoiding Sophistry
We build a group among us, a network, and fill it with our mutual bestowal. On the whole this exertion is our desire to bestow upon one another. We raise a request (MAN) for correction, and in response the Surrounding Light comes and corrects and connects us, and then provides the filling, which is called the soul.

Avoiding Sophistry
The main thing is actually the transition from one system to another. This is the difference between philosophy and religions from one side and the wisdom of Kabbalah on the other.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/13, “Body and Soul”

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