Conventions: A Potential Leap

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn principle, conventions never end because the level that we achieve at each of them is just a small leap, a launching pad for further advancement. Everything depends on what thoughts we have when we leave the conventions: forgetting about them or holding everything that was there by means of our inner effort, and in any case not letting this state cool off!

Gradually, you will get used to constantly monitoring yourself from inside and rising above obstacles. Thus, the impressions from conventions will increase, and you will understand more: where I actually was and what happened there.

You will discover an amazing state that you did not experience firsthand at the convention. It appears after the convention when all sorts of interferences will start to emerge: on the way, at home, in everyday life. If you rise above them constantly, not reacting to the external things, but holding the state received at the convention inside yourself, then you will see how much you feel new nuances in it. Awareness will increase! If you begin to raise yourself with the help of egoism above all the problems, then you will begin to understand what it means.

That is why a convention is a potential leap of which you are not yet aware. After it, you enter in a chaotic sensual state where everything is mixed, and only then, when you begin to work on your egoism so that it does not cool you down and lead you to the side, then you will become aware of this state. It becomes yours, bright and personal; you pass it through yourself. That is why the moments of seeming distancing from the state received at the convention are very important.

Try to hold it all the time! We can hug, kiss, leave—it does not matter, but inside everyone must keep this state! Anti-egoistic work on oneself should be permanent! Do not destroy the ego, but work on it together with it! Then we will rise.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 6

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New Time – New Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom convention to convention we are heading towards unity with sharp acceleration, and new friends who join us catch information on the fly because it has already been stored, exists in the network, and as soon as they connect to us, it immediately enters them in a natural way.

Just like the children who are born now easily and naturally accept electronic toys, while we had to learn, invent them, and adapt to them, our new friends seem to be pre-adapted to receiving spiritual information.

One can be envious of how quickly newcomers become up to date, and after six months they know what took us ten years to learn. But, as it is said, one is never envious of his son and disciple.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 5

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.16.13

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, Shlavei HaSulam, “The Prayer

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Rabash – The Social WritingsLove of Friends

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