The EU Crisis Takes Many Faces

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Boston Globe): “A summit meeting of European leaders collapsed Friday amid bitter discord over a new budget for the European Union, delivering a further blow to a 27-nation grouping already struggling to contain a debt crisis, social discontent fueled by rising unemployment, and doubts about the long-term viability of the euro currency.

“Leaders abandoned efforts to set the shape of a trillion-euro long-term budget and called for a new round of talks early next year to try to reach a deal.

“Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, who along with the leaders of the Netherlands, Sweden, and several other countries had pushed hard for deep cuts, blasted proposals that left spending on the union’s administrative machinery intact.

“This, he said at a news conference, showed that ‘Brussels continues to exist as if in a parallel universe,’ referring to the headquarters for the union’s institutions.

“The refusal to trim bureaucratic costs, which amount to about 6 percent of total spending, is ‘insulting to European taxpayers’ when many governments are slashing spending, Cameron said.

“The impasse after two days of negotiations was the second failure this week in Brussels. …

“The budget, which amounts to about $168 billion per year, goes mostly to subsidize farmers and support regional projects in poorer member states, policies that were originally intended to help bind Europe together and mute the economic discord that in the past fueled antagonisms that led to bloody wars.”

“German Graf, CEO OAO Sberbank (Russia): ‘In its current form, the European Monetary Union has no future; in the long term, the eurozone with all its countries cannot be saved.”

My Comment: Everyone understands that the EU cannot be saved, but also no one understands what to do! It is still not too late to implement integral education and prepare society to integrate its many faces; otherwise it will be pushed there by war.

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