From The World Of Fantasy To The World Of The Higher Dimension

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Recently, I watched a movie in which a group of boys came across a cave with a spaceship in it. After they looked at the spaceship, they suddenly began to fly. Can those who participate in group integral education start flying?

Answer: What imagination!

This world is based on very rigid physical laws. There is nothing else here! The upper world partakes in this realm through numerous physical laws.

Talk with physicists; they will tell you that all there is behind this material plane are waves. They will prove to you that there is no such thing as matter and that it blurs, meaning that when we penetrate deeper into its tiny particles, they simply disappear and turn into waves and energy; nothing more than that.

All that we observe is the interaction of energies in space. What lies beyond the observable world? Who knows? Energy, space, everything fully disappears when we get beyond these boundaries. There is no time, no motion, no distance whatsoever.

Interaction between things is independent of the distance between them. We have already seen this on the border of physics.

Comment: This picture seems pretty empty for an egoist.

Answer: Why? There is a huge egoistic field that we can work in. We don’t see our bodies, nor do we need them. Our bodies dissolve and disappear from our sensations.

We see ourselves as being stretched all over infinity and eternity; we sense infinity, we control it and fulfill ourselves with it. In return, we fill it with ourselves. This is the way we exist. Each of us regards this dimension from his or her personal viewpoint. These states are quantifiable by regular physical devices. Kabbalah provides actual tools for that to us.

Comment: In other words, there is a flow of energy, bliss, and love.

Answer: Energy is the joy that flows through our desire with enormous strength.

Actually, there are two kinds of desires: to please and to be pleased. They are constantly changing, shifting, and flowing; this complementary interaction is life.

Everything else is outside of this life.

Comment: Our people who like to fantasize will be upset.

Answer: I think that people are approaching truth at a pretty fast pace. Our egoism grows and fairy tales won’t satisfy us any longer.

Interest in yoga, new age theories, etc. is almost over. This period was required solely to “decorate” our existence, to add a pinch of spice to our life to make it a little juicier. That’s why all sorts of salespeople are travelling all over the world selling red strings, holy water, and promoting a variety of training, but all of this is meant for the public; of course, it isn’t worth anything.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Dr. Laitman,” 11/4/12

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