The Golden Mean Between Mysticism And Scholasticism

Dr. Michael LaitmanI have a problem: If I reveal something, then I reveal it just like all other creaturesin the same vessels and with the same mind everyone else has.

For example, I’ve discovered a new phenomenon in quantum physics. Obviously, I can’t talk about this with any housewife, but there is a circle of people who can understand me. We have developed a special language to describe these things, and in principle, anyone can learn it. In general, everyone has a basis, and the only thing still lacking is its sensible and rational development.

On the other hand, further development of sense and reason won’t help me either. One can be equipped with thousands of glasses, connect radars to one’s ears, and microscopes and telescopes to one’s eyes: No instruments or sensors will do any good. We are talking about perception, which is not rooted in any creature on earth. Many animals have a wider range of sensations compared to people, but we aren’t talking about that. There are very intelligent and insightful people whose ability to perceive and analyze is much higher than mine, but that’s not the point.

We are talking about something that is not in our world, about creating a new sensation, a new perception and analysis that doesn’t exist here. This sensory organ is called a “part of the Creator above.” A person who acquires it must be similar to the Creator, the one, unique, and only. Then a person senses something similar to the Creator; he decrypts and identifies Him, oneself, and the relationship between them in this sensory organ that is somehow similar to the Creator. And according to feeling this adhesion with the Creator, a person can talk about what comes from Him: about the plan and purpose of our creation, about the process we go through, and all the events and situations in this world.

Today, we are able to study our existence on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, but there is nothing we can learn about the human level until we get to know the Creator at least to some extent. Thus, a Kabbalist cannot tell us about his spiritual attainment, because it is perceived in the other sensory organ incomparable to those we have. It is impossible to talk about that in a way I talk about the borders of our world.

Here, even if a person lacks a sensory organ, we still can explain something to him by analogy. But there is nothing analogous or similar to the spiritual sense. We won’t be able to know until we reach it. Even at the preparation stage without entering the spiritual, we see how details of perception change, how suddenly they turn upside down and back again…

But then why did the Kabbalists give explanations?

To bring people closer in order to give them at least a primary right point of contact. And even though it is not a real contact, it still lets them evoke the Reforming Light. So people can move towards revelation.

Some “just get” this revelation from above. How and why are not our business. It doesn’t come to us all at once, but methodically: A hidden desire gets revealed in a person, and he makes efforts and moves forward in response.

If he wants to pass his revelation to those who have nothing yet, he must establish connection with them. And this connectionthe essence of a language, a code which we can use to talk to each other about things that only one or even none of us comprehends and we are based onis what we read in the book.

Hence, it is necessary to understand how difficult it is for Kabbalists to reach out and explain something to people who haven’t entered the spiritual world yet. In fact, not even to explain, but to progress. That’s why we call our study “a special means”. After all, it is not about understanding and not even a sensation: We need to think only about that very means as it is said: “I labored and found.”

This raises a question: Which language is best suited for this? How do Kabbalists reach out to us so that we don’t just learn by receiving some abstract knowledge, but at the same time, don’t get pushed into mysticism? How do they keep us away from the natural call of the mind and senses? How do they protect us from red strings and blessings as well as falling into scholasticism? How do they guide us through the “golden mean,” the middle line, so that we study, are imbued with the sense, and act in the group properly?

This is possible only with the help of a special means which we sometimes call a “game.” This is, in fact, a very serious concept which illustrates our relationship with the upper one a little better: We really want to be at His level, but haven’t reached it yet.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. 😉 Great article

  2. We need a higher bandwidth language, a means to communicate a greater dimensionality… Then once it is shown a higher form of communication is possible, we simply iterate, and imply it can grow infinitely perhaps?

  3. Hi Michael,
    Let me say I can agree totally with what you have said. I just wrote a book on my inner experience and of course family and friends have jumped on it out of curiosity. Unfortunately, it has been some time now and not one has bothered to comment on it.

    I feel that this is because they don’t know what to make of the information in the book. I might as well be speaking a foreign language. Or at least you would think so.

    It’s perfectly okay, however, in keeping with your article; I feel that science and religion, both are established authorities that have their faithful audiences. But religion I believe, because of their subject matter (the spiritual); have never found the best way to drive their point home. So, as we all know, faith is all that we have asked of the religious audience.

    With science being an authority that gets its strength from being in our schools throughout the learning years of human beings, the two will only come together when science finally has a breakthrough equal to religion, forcing science to consult with religion for answers. This has happened to some extent, in that science is discovering that there is consciousness at the sub-atomic particle level and they have begun to speak with Buddhists, which have known this for ages.

    This scientific finding is the discovery of God. So, whether science accepts this fact or puts another title on it, the real truth boils down to the greediness of humans to protect their own boundaries they’ve sworn to never cross.

    In religious terms, this is no different than the various religions throughout the world, claiming there is only one God. Yet, somehow they never get past the fact that the other religions are proclaiming the same fact, but just explaining it a different way based on their culture.

    If I learned anything from my personal spiritual experience, it is that human beings will cling, out of greed, to what they believe, at the exclusion of everything else.

    For me, I was left hanging as to what had happened to me during my experience and if it wasn’t for all the religions I have searched through for answers, I would’nt have gotten them. It took forty years, but I now know that the wellspring within all of us is true–and remains there within us for all to discover on their own.

    A spiritual experience is personal because it is from the Infinite One. Maybe science will wake up to realize that what they seek is the same Infinite One and they too will come to their senses. We can only pray they can go beyond their senses to find the religious truth.

    Eric Nielsen
    Author of: “Beyond God’s Veil… A True Story of Piercing the Cloud of Unknowing”

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