Tycoons Under Attack

Dr. Michael LaitmanUp until now everyone grew and developed in his own individual desires from the root phase to phase four. But this process is over and there is nowhere to grow individually anymore. Today the development can continue only in the connection among us.

This connection is also divided into the root phase and phase one, two, three, and four according to its thickness. This is in fact the question being asked today: How do we weave the connection among us correctly?

Tycoons Under Attack
There is nothing we can do inside us, we have exhausted our individual ego and so without the right connection, each will collapse.

In particular, this applies to the tycoons since all the major connections in society depend on them. Therefore, all the magnates will collapse. On the other hand, the ordinary person will only sense an echo of this collapse. The tycoons are so tightly connected with the world that they are much thicker and even more dependent, and so they will feel the blow much more strongly if they don’t start creating the right connections.

This can happen in different ways such as bankruptcies and disasters, but the essence doesn’t change; they will feel that something has gone wrong and doesn’t work. This is because modern industry and commerce totally depend on mutual connections and the mutual connections will not work today if the general global system isn’t taken into account.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/12, “Peace in the World”

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