The Wellbeing Of The World Is An Imperative Of Our Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today it’s quite clear that a person depends on and is enslaved to his environment. But how can we conclude from this fact that we must act for the wellbeing of society?

Answer: If a person doesn’t serve the world, the world will not provide him with what he needs. Today what I need actually depends on the whole world. I will have nothing if the world doesn’t give it to me, in other words, if the whole world is not mutually connected. This means that I need to worry that the whole world will be connected and will cooperate in harmony. Only then will it be able to provide me with what I need.

Somewhere in the world people are digging for iron, in another place for copper, in another for oil, and in another place for gas. Factories provide the goods and ships transport them; scientists develop new technologies and eventually the end product reaches me. In the past we weren’t really concerned about this. There was enough “local” ego of the factory owner or of the oil well owner, but today it doesn’t work that way anymore. Soon we’ll be surprised to see how major production mechanisms don’t function. Why? Doesn’t the oil well owner want to make a profit? Still, his business will fail since we don’t give him power, we don’t worry about him.

It’s time to worry about the wellbeing of the whole world. The system is operating integrally now and it needs everyone’s deficiency in order to function. “But can I know and remember everything that happens in the world? One could go mad, not even a computer can do that!”

True, therefore the only option is the connection of the hearts and desires, not the thoughts. Start operating on the level of the desires and you’ll suddenly see how the thought accurately “dresses” on the awakening of the heart, on the desire, and is able to worry about everyone. Then you’ll see and know why a great potential of your brain is still inactive.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/12, “Peace in the World”

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