The Joyful Tears Of Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanA prayer is mingled with the feeling of sadness, suffering, lack, different requirements, and the inability to justify the Creator. But the prayer itself should be gratitude. I thank the Creator for this opportunity to communicate, for the fact that He created me in such a way that I have a need to turn to Him.

That is, a prayer must come from love and not from claims. We are both happy that I have a request through which I can develop our love. A prayer must begin with our understanding of how happy we are to connect through this prayer.

A prayer combines two totally opposite poles, but the first thing in it is the point of adhesion due to the feeling that we both participate in one common action. I have to discover the empty desire that the Creator can fulfill. And I am glad that I have revealed this need in myself; otherwise, I would never have been able to express myself. Here, the two opposite parts are combined. A prayer is joy, not tears as it is accustomed to think in our world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/12, The Zohar

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