The Invaluable Role Of Practice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do the masses need to work in the group when we can just give them a book where everything is explained?

Answer: Where will people create the Kli, vessel, where they will begin to experience higher energy? They need practice!

Even if they have nothing to do with Kabbalah, they still need to feel that unity has a special power by which they can change the world, transform everything around them, and see everything deeper. With the help of this force, the property of bestowal, they begin to see as if with X-ray vision into history, into matter. They rise above time, space, and motion to the next dimension. If they do not practice with each other and only read it while lying on a couch, then nothing will change. Reading is good for training, to “warm up,” but not for realization.

Question: Should physical meetings be mandatory?

Answer: Yes, it has been practiced by Kabbalists from time immemorial because contact between people, here, in person is required; you have to implement this.

The Creator is not manifested in one person; He will manifest Himself only in the contact between people. Therefore in addition to you, there must be at least one more person. But it is difficult to work with two people. A group of ten is ideal.
From a Virtual Lesson 8/26/12

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