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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In lectures for the 99% can I use the examples of threats of war, famine, and crisis? To what extent can we use them?

Answer: You should not use examples in this form. You just need to show the development of the world and where it is heading and to do this in a scientific way, explaining that in accordance with the development of our egoism, there may be some problems, etc.

The crisis will not pass on its own; we have to correct it in ourselves: This is the crisis of relations between people, not a financial, economic, or environmental crisis. That is, nature is against us, and we are its ever-growing opponents. We need to show people where it is heading from a scientific point of view, without feelings. Of course, all this leads to wars and big problems if we do not step in and begin to move the world towards balance. We are able to solve this problem.
From a Virtual Lesson 8/26/12

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