Goodbye, Fantasies

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Body and Soul”: The rest of the concepts, which combine the reason of their method and other methods, are forbidden to us. One who uses them breaches, “Turn you not unto the idols.”

If I imagine something that is imperceptible by my organs of perception, that is called “idolatry.” From this, it is clear which kind of fallacies all of humanity is in.

My analysis must be exact to the maximum. It must be based on real data, on what is in my hands, not in fantasy and conjecture. Only this kind of perception and approach will make me change and see the new world, but, again, in real perceptions, “in my hands.” Everything else is a game of imagination.

Only if I stop fantasizing and accept that there is nothing outside of the five organs of perception, that one can be guided only by what you see, this will oblige me to expand the range of my perceptions, and that is why the prohibition against fantasies is necessary for internal changes. Thanks to this, I will reveal the upper world in my improved organs of perception.

Question: However, no one understands that!

Answer: True, however, there is such a thing as the recognition of evil. Only when man reaches the edge, the limit, when it really becomes unbearable for him, then he is being opened for changes.

Humanity needs to reach the very bottom of all religions and beliefs. This is where modern religious fanaticism is from in all of its manifestations. There is a place for this. People must give an exhaustive expression for all of these approaches to life. Only then will they be able to pass from one edge to the other and reveal the truth—the simple, materialistic truth—based exclusively on the study and the perceptions of the organs of perception.

That is what the science of Kabbalah is. There is no mysticism, no chimeras. In the same way that a donkey stands in front of the feeding trough, either there is food or there is not food. There are no other options.

In the very end, people will discover that all of their beliefs do not give them food; it doesn’t give them anything. You go down with no strength either to live or die. You will not be allowed to provide for your existence in your perceptions, and then you will need to change them.

At first, we imagine this world in perceptions, and we get along here without changing our perceptions. Then, we begin to go down, and the perceptions shrink, contract, push, and limit us. It is similar to the torment of birth labor. The world descends into darkness, into scarcity, into problems and dangers, and then, because I have no other choice, I am forced to run from these perceptions since, in them, I am experiencing death. In them, I am no longer able to carry on with what I do. Here, there is no longer a place for belief in something better “on the other side.” I can’t survive now. The hope for life after death no longer helps.

Today, problems are impacting the wallet, but, tomorrow, they will befall the souls, the source of life’s strength. Together with the science of Kabbalah, all through the entire world, people will be led to understand that it is necessary for them to change their perception.

The most important thing in it is the desire to receive, and people will need to change it for the one to bestow, no longer believing in something that they do not see with their own eyes, what they do not know from experience. Fantasies will stop helping. People will develop to such an extent that they will feel that the only way is to change their own perceptions.

That is the realization of evil, of the evil inclination, that the Creator created together with the Torah, meaning, the methodology for correction with the correcting force of the Light that allows coming to the good beginning. Such are the three states, the three stages of the path.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/12, Article “Body and Soul”

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