Don’t Worry: Everything Runs According To The Plan Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Baal HaSulam’s letter (No. 52): Call upon Him while He is near. Know that the fact that you are calling upon the Creator means that He is near. It means that now you have an opportunity; if you pay attention, you will feel that the Creator is near you, and this is the sign of the Creator’s nearness.

If a desire emerges in a person, it means that the Creator passed it to him. Desires can be felt as gratitude, requests, complaints, or dissatisfactions. Whatever a person feels, it always comes from the Creator. One has to realize that he is not generating his desires on his own. The words that a person uses to address the Creator internally in his heart are also sent to him by the Creator. One never performs any independent actions. The Light elicits desires and fully defines their reaction towards It.

One thinks that the Creator answers one’s prayers; however, it’s only a reaction of the Light to a newly made desire with which one works in order to trigger the Light’s reaction. So, it goes step by step according to the plan of creation; it’s a process that we all have to go through.

The only thing that a person has to do on top of everything that happens to him is to realize and admit that he has been involved in the Creator’s work, in a process that the Light performs on him and on his vessel/desire. A person’s role in the process is to understand that it’s the Creator who makes those actions upon him. Man has to accept everything that is going on with him, reconcile with it, and start wishing to be involved in the process to the extent that he prepares for everything that will happen to him next. Then, it will mean that he is in cohesion with the Creator.
From a Lesson on 8/23/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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