The Direct Ways Of A Man And The Delicacy Of A Woman

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say that there are forty to fifty people in a group of integral learning. Where should the women be during the studies?

Answer: Figuratively speaking, women need to take men by the hand, bring them to their place, and sit them down. At the same time, they also can participate in this group, but purely externally. Men should not feel or see them.

Women must not be in the way of the men. It is best for them to observe the men though a video camera from another room.

Men sit in a circle. They can hug, be close to one another, and perceive their unity, their proximity, in different ways through whatever words they wish to use. They can cry and admire.

Women, practically, cannot have this kind of state between them, of course, except for certain eccentric individuals who also exist. This is why they need to sit in a separate auditorium, not in a circle, but in rows, in whatever way they wish to arrange their chairs or just randomly scattered around, and have a screen where they can see the men’s group.

This is exactly how they learn. They listen to the same article, feel and understand what the men are doing between them, and they do their inner preparation. Basically, they do not need more than this.

They understand the importance of the objective the men have undertaken and which only they can realize. At the same time, the women change and shape themselves, and this is absolutely enough. In other words, the men carry the importance and the realization of the goals with the absolute support of the women in the background.

Question: In other words, do women not need to take part in the discussion of what they see?

Answer: No, men absolutely do not need it! Women only need to express their support, admiration, and participation. Maybe, they can do some things to help.

Men must feel that they are supported constantly and passionately, that women seriously participate and, at the same time, are very demanding and attentive, like a mother. They demand a result from what is happening. As soon as the men attain any result, women need to show them their admiration and their approval without which they cannot advance.

Question: When women gather in a separate place, can they somehow communicate, talk, and discuss things?

Answer: Of course. First of all, they need to help themselves. Bring cakes, fruit, and sweets. They need to create a nice environment for everyone, but never impose mutual internal work on one another! It must be voluntary.

Naturally, they will feel close in spirit, a sort of a women’s union, but not more than that. Everything is done only around the men.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/4/12

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How To Avoid Feeling Lonely

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As a psychologist, I had an opportunity to communicate with a number of women who have participated in the integral experiment in a direct or an indirect manner. Some of them complained that they spend the majority of their time alone: The husband is busy all day; the children are small and she needs to be fully involved in what they are doing; she has no time to communicate with her girlfriends. They do not understand how to organize their lives. What should they do?

Answer: I think that women will not feel alienated from others if we give them the right kind of preparation, teach them to use a computer, and constantly broadcast, over television or computer, programs of virtual communication, combining education and upbringing, all the news of the society that is being newly created. In addition, women need to connect through Skype or other programs that allow them to interact, see each other, and communicate. They need to have a mutual virtual table.

We understand that women are busy at work and at home, and even when a woman does not work in any society, she has much more work at home than men. The woman is the home. No matter how much we separate from our original nature, this is still her purpose. Maybe these things are unpleasant to hear, but this is part of the foundation of nature, so we need to consider it.

If among all the current obligations of a woman, we will give her an opportunity to participate in the common movement, she will feel like she is a part of a big society, a big movement, and this will be enough. She will maintain it. She will justify her husband’s activities. This is enough for her to properly participate in the community.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/4/12

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Superimposed Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanA good environment is a society that affects a person in a positive way and changes him or her in the direction of connection, unity, the best comfortable state. This is still just an earthly, animal well-being.

But then inside this society, a person suddenly begins to open a wonderful source of energy that flows forth from there and raises him upward like a fountain of water toward the sun.

Imagine that our world is superimposed, an overlay of many worlds, many possibilities. We are still in one possible cut of them, and we can move into others. It all depends on the observer’s angle of view, on the person.
From a Talk About Dissemination 9/7/12

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Several Details About The Picture Of The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can you describe in a few words what one should expect in the spiritual world?

Answer: It is impossible to describe the feeling of the spiritual world in words. How can the feeling of infinity, the ascent above time—when two opposite poles connect and the past, present, and future merge in one point—be conveyed to a person who perceives the world only thorough his current corporeal senses?

If you change one millimeter in the angle of your vision in this space, you will see a totally different world. If you change it by another millimeter, you will see another new world. It all depends on your position regarding the world of Ein Sof (Infinity). You choose the angle of vision by yourself, and then another section of an infinite reality is immediately revealed to you.

However, it is impossible to explain that since these pictures do not include the visual images we are used to. It is possible to teach a person the spiritual mechanics, to explain how the transition from one state to another occurs and how to perform different actions, but it is impossible to convey what he will feel then. In order to do so, he must be ready for a spiritual sensation.

On every spiritual level, there is the expansion of the mind and an exceptional feeling that cannot be compared to anything in this world. There is no way to express this, not even in music or in colors.

No matter how hard artists have tried to approach this in the late phases of the history of painting, in impressionism, this whole stream stopped, having reached a dead end. A person has no other greater means to express his inner world.
From a Talk About Dissemination 9/7/12

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