When Fairy Tales Come True

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do my efforts consist of if all that is needed is to ask the Creator to do everything?

Answer: This is what your efforts are: to reveal that there is “none else besides Him,” that He acts in everything, that He is the first and He is the last, that the world is full with Him, and we just don’t feel this force since we are in concealment.

You exist in something that works, acts, goes around, turns everything, and you do not see any of that. You do not recognize that, and there is darkness and silence around you.

So what have you left to do? First of all, reveal what a fascinating mechanism, what a perfect system you are in, how you are connected to it, and how now you can participate only a little bit in its governance and afterward, more and more, to such an extent that you will be taking action and launching this entire system. And for now, you are absolutely detached from what is happening in it, and this system is influencing you drop by drop in order only to support your existence.

Try to imagine this picture. See what you are starting with and what you will achieve. Today, you are like a sleepy fly that is crawling around in a dark corner of a huge king’s castle, not knowing anything about it. And you are being awakened gradually, until you wake up, until you grow up and realize. And then the Light suddenly will light up, and you will begin to see what is happening around you, just like in a film of a fairy tale.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/1/12, The Zohar

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