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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Initially we assumed that the psychological training would last three hours. At the convention, we dedicate one hour. And now you say that it is possible to implement it during a quarter of an hour before the lesson. What is the difference?

Answer: These classes constitute a person’s intention, which he needs to formulate; he must spend so much time per day in order to remain in that spirit throughout the day.

There are people who are constantly in this state, those who return to this state, and those who are not able to stand it. Their ego is still so large that even though they make a small effort, they already need to exit this state, they are not able to remain in it.

Everything depends on what state the person is in as he advances. You gradually develop within the bestowal of the upper Light. Only this gives results and nothing else.

When you yearn to go forward, the Light influences you. It changes you and next time you will enter it with more sensitivity and will do so more easily. You are already very close to these attributes, and you will be immediately included in them. Let’s suppose that in the morning you awake like beasts, exist in “separation,” and immediately enter this world, the world in which the force directs everything.

You begin to grasp your day in a completely different way, to see what is happening everywhere. The more you receive information from the sensations or from anything else, you see how the Creator plays with his creatures, and how he wants to bring them to independence and simultaneously to also resemble Him.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Workshop 2

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