To Attain The Greatness of Nature

If we could attain the true greatness of nature, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for us to give up our egoism and become as bestowing and loving as nature.

The difficulty is that assessment of the greatness of nature that gives birth to everything and governs everything does not depend on an individual, but on their environment. If their environment is imbued with the greatness of nature’s forces, the individual senses in himself enough power to overcome his egoism.

However, when man sees how carelessly his environment treats nature, its laws and goals to bring man to equivalence with it, he too disregards this knowledge and ceases to feel it as important, and later ceases to sense it altogether.

Hence, receiving importance of the goal (achieving equivalence with nature’s quality of bestowal and love) from the environment is an indispensable condition for advancement. For this, man needs to:

– always listen to and cherish the environment in every way possible; to do this, he must feel himself as the smallest of his friends since only the lower receives from the upper,

– strive to increase the environment, quantity or quality-wise, in his own eyes, to be impressed with the greatness of the goal; for this, he must extol his friends’ virtues and honour them as the greatest in the generation. Then the environment will influence him, as the greater, since quality is more important than quantity.

From Baal HaSulam’s “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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