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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Baal HaSulam says in the “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 155, that even if we don’t understand Kabbalistic texts, we draw the power of correction, the Surrounding Light, by reading it. So why don’t people who know these texts by heart ever reach attainment?

Answer: They don’t draw the power of correction because the Surrounding Light should turn into the Inner Light when you acquire a Masach (screen), which means the intention to bestow. The question is do you yearn to attain a Masach? Are you drawn to correction? Do you want to reveal the evil inclination? Are you ready to go through this although it is unpleasant? Do you see this as an obligation and a necessity? Do you invest all your energy in the society in order to be under the influence of the friends? Only then will they lift you from your desires and pull you out of this swamp.

When you hate someone you have to make an effort so that you will love him. It is as if he did you wrong and you rise above that although the feeling of hate remains, and you work only for love by wanting to give him more than you give to your own baby.

Do you do that and hold on to this inclination regarding these corrections? If so, you are drawing the Surrounding Light that operates on you and provides you with necessary attribute.

At the same time you are diverted from the path, and you are thwarted by more interruptions, but you still have to advance by subduing yourself before the friends and asking for their help. Thus you evoke the Surrounding Light upon you, yearning for that attribute—for bestowal and love—above hate and rejection. Even if you are absolutely right in all your claims regarding the friends, you still try to advance “above reason.”

As for those you are asking about, they deal with the wisdom and not with the Torah, not with the method of correction in which the Reforming Light is concealed. They read the texts without any connection with the evil inclination that will be revealed or that is already revealed. They don’t come to the lesson in order to correct themselves, and they don’t study the Torah, but wisdom. Therefore it says: “wisdom among the nations, believe.” The “nations” refers to those who don’t want to correct themselves. However, those who want to reach unity are called “Jews,” and this is the whole difference.

Abraham gave “gifts” to the children of the concubines, meaning intermediate methods. They studied for pleasure, received a slight illumination, but didn’t fulfill the correction and didn’t ascend the ladder of the spiritual degrees. Such people study the material by heart, discuss it, argue….

We don’t argue and don’t discuss anything, for us only the Reforming Light is important. It doesn’t matter how much a person knows, what’s important is to keep in contact with the text that brings him the power of correction.

Eventually, however, the correction is everyone’s share, and I don’t underestimate anyone. If a person opens Kabbalah books, even if he walks in the dark, he is still moving forward.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  2. Hi Rav Laitman!
    I want to know from the wisdom of Kabbalah if there is physical presence of hell in the upper force or they call in christianiy in heaven. Where is hell? I am referring to a soul or spirit that did not attained the fullfiment of complete correction while on earth. Is there such thing that a soul cannot attain correction in their entire reincarnation. How do you describe the heaven where God is. What is heaven? and where is heaven?
    I watch you Kabbalah moments everyday. I already started sharing , I am also one of the registrant for the study of Kabbalah. I am a Spiritist, and I understand a lot of the things you were explaining, but you present well in such a way that you have the most possible appropriate words to explain everything, you are so precise and clear and direct. You have such a very high level of power and guide from the above that you are able to say everything that you are saying. I understand more clearly now about the double vision which a lot of people dont understand it yet. And that there are more rebirths because there are a lot of confusions to what we really kmow, who we are and why we are here and what is the connection of the universe to mankind. The true informations about the truth were hidden and it was not available. But I also believed that there is time for everything like you said this is the time to share the wisdom of Kabbalah to individuals who wants to be corrected and live above the corporal level. But definitely the wisdom of Kabbalah is the best that is written.
    When I finish studying Kabbalah I really want to go back to my home country and be an instrument to dessiminate Kabbalah Wisdom. I might need your guide in the future. May you have more power in this physical world. We are lucky to have you even we dont see you physically.

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