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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we learn to attract the Light to correct us?

Answer: The difference between our state and the spiritual degrees is that even while living in a lie, in egoism, we can attract Light towards us from there. You cannot do this on a spiritual degree because everything obeys simple laws there: You are already inside the system and you receive only what you are entitled to according to your place and state.

But we get concessions in our world. And even though we think that it is cruel to us, it is very gentle with us. In it, we are like infants, who can scream and falsely demand things that they are not entitled to, and receive them even though it is a lie.

This is the entire meaning of existence of our world. I do not wish to connect with my friends when I am in my normal, regular egoism. But I hug them, sit with them, I try to connect and attain unity. And even though all of this is built on absolute egoism and there is nothing here but it, it is like child’s play in a sand box or with Legos, which he uses to learn. As a result of my efforts, I suddenly acquire a mind, proper perception, and sensation, I begin to grow, I acquire a certain understanding and definitions.

But mainly, my games become much closer to reality, and little by little, I learn to connect with others, cancel myself out, yield, study, read primary sources, and attract Light. And then I suddenly begin to feel the importance of bestowal and I believe that there is really something in it.

The external world is also helping us in this with its crisis and suffering because it is already hard to envy when you see the state that regular egoists of this world are in. This world is really a find for us. All the other degrees already are a system; only this world is a unique place. This is why the entire freedom of choice is revealed specifically on this lowest degree. Our work lies in always making this choice in the dark.

And then we will have another job: analyzing the quality of connection, when we constantly are raising our spiritual “qualifications,” adding details as we are revealing the wealth of the manifestation of the King, His revelation. But no one will give us concessions any more, as it is now.

This is why this period of preparation is so long, exhausting, and just drags on, because later we will use the entire degree of this world for the rest of the ladder. This is exactly why we can correct the entire 125 degrees only by living in this world. And even on the very last degree, I must first feel like I am in my lowest state possible, the state of a “market merchant.”

I am not speaking about the physical world, a certain special reality, which is becoming established in my brain. I must feel like I am completely separated from others in it, but at the same time attract Light with different, false efforts to connect.

And I will also need this corporeal degree, even when on high degrees in the World of Atzilut. Without it I will not be able to correct the actual point of creation, “created out of nothing” (Yesh Mi Ain). It is impossible to unite with the Creator without adding to every degree from the separation you have experienced between this world and all the worlds.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/15/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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