Questions About Baby Birds, Religions and Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is supposed to be a big Mitzva according to the commentaries if somebody takes baby birds from the nest when the mother bird is not there. I researched the subject a little bit more, and the commentaries say that it is because, when the mother bird comes back to the nest and doesn’t find her babies, she screams to Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu, and this draws the attribute of pity (Rahamim) on the entire world.
What does this mean in Kabbalah? There is a nest on the wall of my house with babies, and we see the mother and father running in and out to feed the children. I don’t dare touch them.
Answer: You shouldn’t!!! All this is decided on the spiritual level, not on the material one. There is a huge confusion in performing commandments in the physical world; see Rambam.
Question: If religion is for everyone, why doesn’t it accept people with non-standard orientations?
Answer: People create religions and exploit them. Hence, religions are turned and manipulated as it is convenient.
Question: I grew up as a Christian, and, since three years ago up until now, I have been studying Kabbalah. However, a couple of days ago, a friend of mine who is Jewish told me that Kabbalah was only meant to be studied by Jews, and that, indeed, it was a sinful thing for us non-Jews or gentiles to study Kabbalah, that it opened very dark portals.
However, I feel so comfortable studying Kabbalah. It really helps me find a connection with the Creator. I don’t want to stop practicing the religion of my parents, Christianity.
My question is: Is it possible to still believe in my parents’ religion or at least keep a certain respect for it, and be able to continue on the path of Kabbalah, or is it just something I should definitely do?
Answer: Please continue, and tell your Jewish friend that he doesn’t understand anything in Judaism.
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