Quantum Secrets Of Longevity

In the News (Yelena Dobrovolskaya): “A new qualitative understanding of unity between human beings and Nature has been reached due to recent scientific discoveries within the last decade. They clearly demonstrate that interaction between genetics, our way of life, and the environment are much more complex than we previously thought.

“A ‘quant’ is a basic unit of nature. Energy levels (nuclear, atomic, and molecular) represent a ‘quantum ladder’ which reflects the way matter organizes itself; the highest (the fourth) level is ‘taken’ by living creatures.

“Modern medicine which we call ‘Western’ or ‘academic’ is based on a chemical paradigm and classic physics. It follows the principle of visualization, which means that science can only explore objects that can be observed without a device such as a microscope. This primitive approach can be easily understood when we review the history of biology and medicine. Both were formed during medieval times, were subject to religious dogmatism, and suffered greatly from constraints of the Inquisition that fought with ‘heretics.’ The protests of the bravest scientists of that time carried signs of a spontaneous materialistic world outlook.

“Physics of living matter (a new direction in Natural science) turned empirical medicine and biology into fundamental knowledge. Quantum medicine emerged only during the last decade; it’s a medical contribution into a new perception of life, health and disease. It views living organisms as open quantum systems with a complex structure that possess a self-reviving, self-educating configuration, which is able to synchronize its parts both internally and externally.”

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