Protesting Constructively

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Social protest is being reborn today in Israel. As people find that prices are excessively inflated, people feel “used,” and this unites them.

Answer: That is right. There is an external impression that a protest is able to lead to real changes. Once well organized, it is possible to, for example, lower the prices twofold on products.

However, the Creator intentionally shows us this deceiving picture: as if in this way we were able to correct something He has ruined, and live happily. In reality, in the end we will not achieve anything this way, even if all calculations point to an enhancement of welfare.

It seems like before I barely lasted until payday and now I can even spend my money on other things. But the problem is that this will not happen.

After all, the Creator wants us to rise above our lives through these “exercises.” Just like at a certain point, a father begins to appear before his son in different images: forced formidableness, false coldness, etc. This is not just different facial expressions and changes of tone; this helps the son learn his father’s behavior. A small child is simply frightened by severity, but a bigger child thinks: “Why does he do this? What does he want?” Once he matures a bit more, the son already understands his father’s intentions, he already sees what his father wishes to teach him—and he joins the father, his love and his training program: “What does he want to show to my ruined desire with his unsatisfied expression? How do I change this desire to see a smile on his face?”

After all, the Creator wants us to associate ourselves with Him, perceive His mind and feeling and rise to a new degree, instead of dealing with the “faces” that this world is making. And this is why a social protest will not bear success and will not make our lives easier.

The question here is: Are we using the awakening of the people to bring them to the objectives they need to reach today? The time has come to explain the situation to the people: No matter how low the prices drop, we will not see any real benefit. A person lives through sensations, and even shopping with the money saved will not help him, he will be “set up” so that instead of feeling pleasure, he will become more depressed. On the background of wellbeing, we will see a wave of suicides or an increase in drug abuse.

Stop making short-term plans, nearsightedly expecting to take it out on those who rob us. Robbery is not limited to tycoons; however, we are not speaking about human egoism, but the one who is playing with us through these examples. So, we need to find a clear explanation to make people gradually understand what is happening.

One way or another, if the protest is not directed towards unity, when its purpose is to get even with someone, this will only harm people. Talk about crazy prices only blinds a person and shuts his mouth instead of bringing fulfillment to his heart and the mind.

If all of humanity is not raised to the point of the realization of the upper Force, the suffering will only keep increasing. The Creator wants to bring you closer, but you play with price tags and chant populist slogans. This will only turn into greater suffering. Even if you were to take all the money from tycoons, you will still have nothing left tomorrow. Because you will waste these billions, lose work places, and will leave people with no earnings, instead of what they have now even if it is insufficient.

We need to begin with the cause and not the consequence: The Creator creates this situation so we will come to Him. Do social protests lead to Him? They do if they push us towards unity. But if they are about breaking and bringing someone down, then no.

Rise a little and see what is driving everything. There is nothing that can be done without changing human nature, which determines the current system. Change it, raise people: This is the solution. Otherwise, for the happiness of the haters, you will bring things to the point of a revolution, like those which already have been so numerous in history.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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