“Occupy Protest Draws 20,000 in Frankfurt”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal): “At least 20,000 people held a major rally of the local Occupy movement in Frankfurt on Saturday to decry austerity measures affecting much of Europe, the dominance of banks, and what they call untamed capitalism. …

“Last year, thousands in Germany took to the streets in rallies during the world-wide Occupy movement. But as Germany’s economy is robust and unemployment at a record low, those protests mostly have fizzled out.

“But Europe’s lingering debt crisis has given new fuel to some demonstrations.

“Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, suffers none of the austerity measures now heavily affecting southern European nations, such as Greece, Portugal and Spain. But Germany has championed sometimes-harsh spending cuts across Europe to get budget deficits under control.”

My Comment: After all, saving is against the modern economy of a consumer society, which rests only on growth and expansion, rather than reasonable consumption. As society has become, like the world, globally interconnected, Germany will get a boomerang reaction from all the EU countries. There comes a  time when the strong one is not strong on his own, but strong in its connection with others in a united system. The world turns from individual, egoistic, and discrete into round, integral, altruistic, and analog.

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