Life In Constant Renewal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the center of the group change constantly up to the end of correction, or is it that, once we have discovered it, we continue to work with it as it is?

Answer: Nothing stays constant. You must catch it, and it is lost immediately. You have understood something and suddenly nothing is clear again. However, you are happy about this; only then can you discover new details.

One needs to constantly apply effort. A person begins to enjoy what he has attained, the pleasant feeling of confidence and fulfillment, and he does not want to lose it. However, this does not benefit development.

If you want to retain the pleasant moment, then you will turn into a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife. This should not be done as according to the spiritual laws, it is demanded of us to constantly add additional clarification and understanding.

That is why we constantly need to aim to strengthen the meaning of the center of the group, not to calm down once something has been attained. We should not aim to return to the past moment.

I don’t need to be recalling now how I once felt and understood. On the contrary, I need to erase all of the old impressions and aim for new ones!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/22/12, “Talk About the Workshop”

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