In The Shower Of The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it true that during the workshop we seemingly, enter the center of the group, and during the lesson from The Zohar, we are already reading from within the center of the group about what is taking place there?

Answer: It depends on how a person scrutinizes and feels himself. It could be that he simply reads or even when he constantly thinks about it, even if he doesn’t listen or understand the words themselves, the reading itself bestows holiness and purity on him, and this advances him.

Or it could be that he also longs to connect with the text, to understand what is written there, since after all, spiritual acts are spoken about there. The ten Sefirot, either on the smallest level or largest level, are the same ten Sefirot. This means that everything that is written here, without doubt, takes place in the first and lowest Partzuf that I acquire.

I acquire the first ten Sefirot, at the level of “pregnancy,” and in any case, also everything described in The Zohar will take place there, the entire Torah from beginning to end, at every level. It’s like a holographic picture, and therefore, it is written about me. Even if we are speaking about the Partzufim that are so very high like Atik of the world of Atzilut, and Abba ve Ima (Father and Mother), it all takes place in each level and in all kinds of details, but it takes place. Therefore, the text gives me a feeling of belonging, and it helps me to yearn. The main thing is that I want to be under its influence, like in a shower of light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/22/12, The Zohar

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