How To Start A Workshop?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen starting a workshop, we need to concentrate on and think only about what unites us—our points in the heart. We need to unify them. Then each of us and the group as a whole will have many times more strength.

Most importantly, this force will be directed at connection with the friends, and then it would be able to evoke the upper Light, which will begin to manifest in this connection. We need to feel that in the connection between us, the common Light is revealed.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/12, Workshop 4 

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  1. Exactly what does our virtual young group, which has been meeting daily non-stop for 8 months now, need to do in order to cause the TzumTzum, snap the screen of correct intention into place, and begin working in spirituality. What is the exact mechanism or action that we need to do as a group to cause a change in our state? How long must we be on the verge of spirituality? When will it happen? Please help us.

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