From Great To Small

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Small towns have a special demographic: teenagers who have dropped out of social life.

Answer: They need to be immediately recruited for training courses to become teachers and instructors of integral education and given a full stipend. Ultimately this will cost much less in the local budget than what they’re doing presently. The teenagers need to be turned into truly serious specialists.

Question: Senior citizens are another important and active part of the population. One thing to note is that 70-80% of seniors are women because men live shorter lives.

Answer: Female seniors are the most fruitful members of society. They are devoted helpers in every aspect and especially when it comes to children and grandchildren, that is what is most precious to them. They will gladly toil to change their lives even a little bit.

I don’t see the male retirees being quite as active or useful as women when it comes to being educators. Men are somewhat rigid, whereas women are flexible even into old age. Men over 50 are very difficult to work with, as they are unresponsive. In contrast, women don’t have these age-related restrictions.

Therefore, I think that this demographic of female seniors makes a fertile soil to work with city populations. They will do everything. They will change everything. You can lean on them with nothing to fear, for they are a veritable army.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #23, 3/3/12

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