From Discipline To Friendship

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While educating tens of thousands of people according to the integral method, it is necessary to have many organizers to watch over discipline, to make sure people do not play cards, drink, and do other things in the back rows.

How do you do this on a factory that is being closed down, after all, strict discipline and pressure do not complement the integral method?

Answer: We are dealing with a necessary process of educating masses that will suffer a lot in the worst case scenario. We must understand that we must not educate through hard pressure and through serious organization of their discipline. They must see this, understand it consciously, and try to support our efforts in this.

Question: We must prepare organizers?

Answer: Absolutely! First of all we need to prepare organizers.

They must feel this new spirit that is being born here; after all, we are going towards the integration of the population, their interconnection, mutual support, and complementing each other.

In this case, there can be no question about hierarchy here. Hierarchy is good for the process of organization. But once the study space is organized, inside there must be friendship instead of discipline.
From KabTV’s “Experimental City: Education” 3/3/12

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