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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Considering the fact that everyone lives in different time zones and everyone has different time constraints, is there a possibility for a certain platform to exist one day, where there will always be a seminar going on so people could connect to it when it is convenient for them? Or does a seminar need to begin and end within a certain framework?

Answer: I think that all this can be saved on some kind of a storage medium, and people can enter through the Internet and study in any form convenient to them: alone or as a group.

Of course it is best to study as a group. It is best to study when you are free from any disturbances, etc. But in general, it does not matter. You are gradually entering a virtual force, which you are not yet able to perceive. This work is psychological.

Baal HaSulam writes that this is the continuation of materialistic psychology, but this psychology is of our next level of development, which works with desires and intentions, the things that our corporeal psychology also works with. There is nothing mysterious or mystical about this. We must develop these qualities in us! And nothing else.

There are many people in the world, for example the Bedouins in Israel, who can feel nature very well and are able to tell what is happening 50-100 kilometers from them by reading the tiniest signs; they do not even know how they do it. They feel the Earth, or can tell what is happening in the world according to the behavior of an animal.

We once possessed these feelings too. But they have simply disappeared in us since we have stopped using them. And now we are developing new senses. When you start attending a music school, you gradually develop pitch, musical memory, etc. If you do not develop these things, you remain an amateur. You can develop anything.

Basically, this rudimentary organ exists in us. We simply must develop it. And Kabbalah tells us how to develop the perception of the upper force. We were developing normally in our world, while we did not need it. But now we have reached a state when we do not see a solution without it. We must reveal it.

Imagine when the entire program of nature, all the knowledge, all the qualities, everything passes through you, and you see and feel all of this—then what kind of problems or crises could there be?! Instead of seeing all this as disturbances, you see it as help, birthing contractions, which help you to be born. You are being pushed to the next level. This is what I see in the world instead of a crisis.

And once the people see it, they will go forward with joy and gratitude!
From the Vlinius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 2

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