And They Shall Go Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom a lesson of Rabash: “Israel that are in exile—Divinity is with them.” We learn that the vessels of Malchut descend downwards, when the Upper rises, the lower rises too, but an explanation is needed here, and we should understand this too. We learn from everything both the negative and the positive. We learn about the restriction of Bina and we learn about the sweetening of Malchut. “Israel that are in exile—Divinity is with them.”

When they are in exile, they are tasteless, and they say that their Torah is also tasteless. Do you understand this or not?

So one feels the Upper in the same way he feels himself. This is called “restriction.” On the other hand there is “sweetening,” and this is called “I am the Lord residing with them in their impurity.” Although they are not purified yet, there is still the dressing of the Lights in the form of Surrounding (Lights), which are evoked each time, without inner vessels.

When a person is awakened, he doesn’t say: “I want to wake up now.” It isn’t like pressing a button. He is awakened, it happens by itself. This is called the “Surrounding Light. When it comes to the lower it is called “the Inner Light,” the lower raises MAN. Do you understand the difference?

When the lower does it the lower is the host. The Upper…a house, he wants to re-enter. There is no longevity. The awakening—has no longevity, well!

This is also called the raising of MAN—the lower wakes up by itself.

Listen, there is an attitude and there is a reality. I am speaking about an attitude. The actual reality begins only after a person attains his vessel of receiving. We are only speaking about the attitude and not more than that.”

The Creator always takes care of a person who wants to advance. But sometimes it is revealed as he brings a person closer to Him, and sometimes He exiles him. The exile is felt when the Upper restricts Himself and bestows in a different way, by the “Surrounding Light.”

While getting closer to the Creator and the awakening the “Direct” (Esher) Light is more active and during the time of exile, the “round” (Igulim) Light is more active. But a person is always being taken care of from Above if he exerts himself in his advancement.

Therefore it says: “He who resides with them within their impurity,” (Leviticus 15, 16), which means that the Divinity is in exile together with a person, since he was exiled intentionally and it is meant for the servants of the Lord in order to advance them by another hidden Providence, of the Upper Providence. The desire to reveal Him is the true desire.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/12

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