A Turning Point

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When there is a certain discussion in the group there are different mechanisms of resistance that stand in a person’s way. So does it mean that most of the time we will be busy dealing with this resistance mechanism?

Answer: No. I believe that it shouldn’t be here. During the preparation stage a person has to reach the feeling of despair from working with his ego. He has to understand that there is no life in it.

We should understand that if I want to attain the next stage of my development, the next dimension, the exit into the level of harmony with nature, I have to be disappointed with my egoistic development and not blow up the ego. Otherwise, it will simply kill me. It doesn’t allow me to integrally communicate with others; it won’t give me the vessel with which I can feel the harmony of nature and enter this dimension, this level.

I have to leave the ego at all their previous levels of development. The turning point, the bifurcation point, the splitting, the crisis, that we are going through today lead us to the fact that we will really “break” and leave our ego below. Humanity is facing a big problem: feeling the immense ego we’ve attained, being disappointed with it, and leaving it because we are compelled. This is called the phase of “the recognition of evil.” We have to go through it.

If we are talking about a group that already begins to feel the next level of human development, it should be people who are ready to leave the ego. They should understand that they have to totally change internally, like inserting a disc with a new program into a computer, erasing the old program and installing a totally new program. I am ready to be “operated” anew, to be fully “upgraded.” I am ready for that because on the level of the recognition of evil I found out that my ego only harms me; I perceive it as bad.

When people reach the recognition of evil and agree to try, even theoretically, to rise above their ego, they do it in the group with two guides that direct them a little, and at the same time cooperate with them. The group begins to gradually feel where these psychological “exits” are above their ego, to the new altruistic psychology, to the level called “nature.”
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #17, 02/28/12

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