A Never-Ending Workshop

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the workshop, I felt the interaction between the masculine and feminine parts. This was an absolutely extraordinary feeling! Now an intensification needs to occur that is amplified not tenfold, but a hundredfold. From where do I obtain this addition, this intensification? What needs to be done, and by whom, right now or at the next workshop?

Answer: A workshop shouldn’t end. A workshop is a small, intermediate stepping stone to the next degree. We shouldn’t forget this state, but keep it within us. If we go outside or sit down to a meal, we maintain the same state as now.

The meal should proceed calmly. Don’t disturb a person sitting next to you with some extraneous questions. There should be minimum discussion.

I’m not saying that you should withdraw into yourself, by no means. But every person should feel that they have time for thoughts and feelings. And the most important thing is to preserve what we felt right now. This is the state that we need to come to.

And after a meal, try to preserve this state even more, because any disturbances that are here and there need to be connected toward the strengthening of our present feeling.

Everything needs to pass smoothly from one into another. Practically the whole congress is one single action. In principle, this should all be accompanied by steady movement with constant ascent.

I am asking you not to lose what you are receiving, collect it bit by bit, the way a child accumulates knowledge and skills and becomes big. This is why all the disturbances should immediately be attached to the movement forward. You will see how fruitful they are. It is thanks to them that we advance. It is written that egoism is “help against you.” It is against, but it is indeed help.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Workshop 2 

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