Down The Trajectory Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything we wish to attain beyond our nature, trying to understand, perceive, and become impressed by spirituality, we attain all of it only with the help of the Light. Also, all the changes in our corporeal world, in our states, only happen through the Light, which shines stronger every time. But it keeps shining stronger because we keep growing in our egoistic desire.

New desires keep developing in me, and this happens over the course of my entire life, as well as from one generation to another. And although the Light is constant, every time it shines at a greater desire. As a result of this, I feel greater changes in me.

In our world, we develop this way as well, even though we do not perceive the Light here. As Kabbalists say, the same happens in spirituality. When we attain revelation, we simply reveal the same process of development that we are going through now. The Light shines constantly, as it is written: “I have not changed my HaVaYaH,” “the upper Light exists at absolute rest,” but our Reshimot (the informational genes) constantly change in us, unraveling like a chain. Greater Reshimot come out of it every time, rising back up in the same order they have spread from above downward.

But if this is the way things are, where is my participation? Will I continue to reincarnate the same way I was developing until now, over the course of thousands of years? No. Kabbalists say that this stage has ended. If you have received a desire for your inner development, you must use it in a different manner. How? You accelerate your development, personally participate in it. You begin to understand and comprehend what is happening, you control your development. Development will no longer happen without you.

Until now you developed through Reshimot replacing one another, unraveling like a chain. In this way you completed your development on the still, vegetative, and animate levels. All these stages were realized in common nature: in the entire universe, on the surface of planet Earth, and in all of humanity, which has also gone through the still, vegetative, and animate levels of development.

But now the time has come to realize the human degree, and it can no longer continue this way. The difference between the human and the animate degree is in the awareness of life: “What am I living for? What is happening to me?” This is only possible when man does his own work every time, making an effort. Through his effort he comes to a qualitative attainment of the reality where he exists: What he is living for, why, and for which purpose.

When all these attainments become revealed to man, they are called the “spiritual world” or the “upper world.” And then we perceive where we really are, what kind of system becomes revealed before us, and how it controls us. We already engage in our life and existence on a different level—in the upper world.

The Light exists at absolute rest. Reshimot become revealed more and more every time. But if I do not properly realize the connection between the Reshimot and the Light, I suffer from the lack of correspondence of qualities.

This way this obligates me to search for a solution, and this is exactly what is now happening with all of humanity. And the solution lies in finding a formula of how to become like the Light. To become like the Light means to attain the quality of bestowal. How can we want to attain? With the help of the group. And we realize this desire through the Light.

This is why when we read The Zohar, we must think about the Light’s actions over us: It must connect us, realize the Reshimot, lift us to a higher level, make us more connected between us, and reveal the concealed. We must ask for everything that we desire during the lesson.

Naturally, every person should examine to which extent his desires are directed down the same trajectory as the Light. Otherwise, he might ask for something that is opposite to what the Light is about to give him. And then his request, his prayer, will bring him to an opposite state: the revelation of evil instead of goodness.

So let us think together about our connection and for the Light to influence and connect us, and there we will attain the quality of mutual bestowal, which is already a spiritual degree. It does not matter what we read about in The Zohar. What matters is what we think about together about the actions of the Light over us. Think not about us, but about the actions of the Light, which it performs over us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/2011, The Zohar

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Why Do I Feel Good?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: This year I didn’t feel a descent after the convention. Is there something wrong with me?

Answer: The ups and downs aren’t measured in of itself, but by feelings. Baal HaSulam says that a coarse person can steal openly before everyone, believing it is acceptable since “everyone steals.” A more refined person will stealthily take something he’s not entitled to and feel “it’s no big deal.” An even more sensitive individual is unable to possess something undeserved.

So, you check and determine the magnitude of the descent yourself. It doesn’t have to be a blow, after which you can barely recover. It is enough to simply feel somewhat detached from the excitement we felt at the convention, and with this decrease in enthusiasm you already see it as a descent.

It is the same on spiritual levels: You receive a slight blow, but it is felt as real pain. “Who gave me this blow? Why and what for?” The quantity turns into quality; otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to withstand it. We always advance with the help of qualitative additions.

So try to raise your sensitivity of the current state in order experience it as the worst. Then you will begin to ascend: “Why do I feel good? Everything is fine and nothing hurts. Okay, so am I checking myself according to beastly feelings? Am I connected to the friends just as I was during the convention? But I don’t care. So does it mean that I’ve become indifferent and have waved the convention goodbye?”

Start checking yourself and you’ll see that you are in a state far worse than previous descents: “Last time I felt awful and was ready to explode. And now I’m in a descent and feel fine. Then I was sick and wanted to get well, to get up. Even if I cursed everyone, I still wanted something. Today I am satisfied, as if retired and free of all obligations. I am a living corpse.”

This is the deepest descent. Awakening such forces will cause pain no less than the pain felt previously. It is very difficult, and you’ll feel that you cannot raise yourself by your own powers. This means that you have to turn to the group so that the friends will start working on you and inspire you toward the importance of the goal. When you touch their unity and love, you feel your lowness.

In general, our state following the convention is indeed different from what we are accustomed to. It isn’t the same bad feeling that many felt in the past. Today a qualitative examination is required. A person can feel good, and he sees no reason for advancement. But don’t be fooled—work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/2011, “The Peace”

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