The Myth Makers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we get rid of the beliefs if we need to believe in something that we haven’t attained yet?

Answer: Abraham attained his degree after he had shattered all the idols. In the second degree he went into the “furnace.” At these stages a person detaches himself from all the imaginary connections between the “beastly” reality that he discovers in his five senses and the spiritual reality.

This is very difficult. You cannot get rid of the myths, the habits, and the prejudices completely until you enter the spiritual world. Having no choice, a person still imagines spirituality parallel to corporeality, which rules his desires, his attributes, and his feelings.

Only the revelation of the Light can help a person get rid of all the imaginings and the mystical images to which he is accustomed. Until then the “angels” and the “devils,” the “ghosts,” the Creator and the created being, the “halls” and the “heavens” will still be depicted as something external. Even if he understands that they are all forces, he still thinks that they operate on the outside and not inside him. He simply hasn’t discovered them inside of him yet.

So I have to bring them into me, to identify them as the forces of my soul. There is nothing else besides them, including what I feel now, including the group, reality, the Creator. I feel all this in my desires. I have no perception outside them. But we can live in this internal image only if we reach revelation. Only then will our attitude towards philosophy, beliefs, and myths and the wrong perceptions that we got used to change, but not before.

In the meantime a person can tie a red string around his wrist, meditate and imagine different things and even feel good by doing so, but only in the short term, on the corporeal level. He calms himself psychologically and acquires an imaginary sense of security….

But we are speaking about the real perception, about a qualitative internal change, when we correct ourselves and rise and thanks to this treat our problems correctly. After all, they come so that I will identify them and immediately change my attitude from receiving to bestowal.

But instead, I buy holy water and give to charity, etc. In other words I don’t correct the reason for the wrong that I feel in one of my desires, but rather buy myself a psychological compensation if I have the money for that, of course. This is absolutely contrary to the wisdom of Kabbalah, which points out the great harm that such methods are causing by only drawing a person away form correction
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/11

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The World Arvut Convention – 12.04.11

Preparatory Lesson 1
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Why Are We So Different?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should all be thinking about nullifying ourselves and only caring about others because in this way we attain the Creator. Contrary to the assumption of many, we shouldn’t be concerned with caring for physical bodies. There are many methods and spiritual practices dedicated to this in our world. However, Kabbalah speaks of the type of love for one’s fellow that allows a person to rise above his egoism and obtain a connection that’s above it.

This shouldn’t be confused with “altruistic” societies that help the poor and the sick. They think that by doing so they are correcting the world that the Creator “ruined.” We see that such action only makes things worse. This is contradictory to human reasoning. But then again, we gradually begin to see that our mind doesn’t agree with anything.

We shouldn’t be concerned with fulfilling one’s egoistic desires, but think only of love toward our fellow man. It is only in this way that we’ll be able to sense the need for obtaining a new quality of love and bestowal through which we obtain love for the Creator.

It becomes clear now why we need so many different people around us that have nothing in common with one another, each one existing in his own egoistic desire and love for one’s self. All of this is given to us so that we can apply our own effort in revealing the Creator.

There is no distance between the Creator and me. This distance appears only as a result of the distance between me and another person. By erasing the distance between myself and others, I erase the distance between myself and the Creator. My first contact with a friend is my first contact with the Creator. The more that I begin to connect with others (not through the physical bodies, but only through the points in the heart which is above my egoistic desire), the more I begin to reveal the Creator and to unite with Him.
From Lesson 2, Arvut Convention in the Arava Desert 11/18/2011