You Are Not Alone!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I connect with the group when I watch the lessons alone?

Answer: We see a large number of people connecting to us on the screen from all over the world. We are all together in one group. Don’t you feel it? You have to rise above the distance that lies between us because in reality, it doesn’t exist. We exist in one single field.

Our physical bodies are here on earth: They sit, walk, run, and jump. In the spiritual world there are only desires, and therefore, everything depends upon our desire. The corporeal world is completely imaginary and non-existent. It exists only in our perception, until we enter the spiritual world.

We will pass this state and forget it because it doesn’t really exist. This state exists only in our perception of reality as the lowest of all states, from which we must ascend. This perception exists only in our egoistic desire, but in reality, egoism doesn’t exist.

We were given this uncorrected altruistic state, the only one that exists in the world, deliberately so that we use it as a basis for rising to our first spiritual level. This is why our world is called the imaginary world because it gradually disappears from our perception. This world is not the reality. In reality our world doesn’t exist.

Let’s imagine our true state where all of creation exists as one collective body, one general system. In order to sense this system, we must strive towards it. It is said: “If you wish to be happy, be so.” A child can only become what he aspires to be. Life constantly forces him to want to grow, to take examples from adults, and to imitate them.

We have to do the same and take our example from Kabbalists. We must follow their advice, imitate them, and be led by their instructions instead of by our little childish minds. We must act without looking back, like a child who takes examples from the adults. Then we can be absolutely sure that we will succeed.

We have to create an example of a single global community. It makes no difference if you live in Los Angeles, Mexico, or Siberia. It makes no difference if you are alone because you are actually not alone! You are together with everyone! Try to rise above the computer screen and see and sense us. This is possible!

Let’s try to play it, and then we’ll attract an intensive influence of the Surrounding Light, the Light from a higher level where we are all already connected.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/6/2011

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