The Question About The Cause Of Our Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have my own opinion regarding what’s going on around the world and the revolution that people are starting all over.

Now there’s this new wave around the Internet where people post about their problems. I read some of them and came to the conclusion that people grab anything bad from their life and post it. This starts to look like a Hindu custom, when people indulge in self-flagellation by hitting themselves with a rope.

Isn’t there a reason behind everything that happens in our life? Sometimes things happen, and we don’t know whether that was to avoid another big problem, an accident, and so on. We are the creators and the cause of our life.… My question to you is: Why is this happening?

Answer: This happens because our egoism is constantly looking for fulfillment and demands it if it is missing. When we acquire the property of bestowal, we can always enjoy, like a mother enjoys her baby.

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