The Artificial Model Of Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I know that the effectiveness of the studies depends entirely upon the connection between the friends during the lesson. So why do I discover within me only the resistance?

Answer: Would you like for there to be no resistance? We need to understand that all of our development occurs thanks to the forces that stop us. All of our forward movement is carried out with the help of those same disturbances that constantly appear to us. These are the forces that confuse us, make us criticize others and curse the Creator, the group, and the teacher, everything!

And I need, on the contrary, to appreciate and raise it all upward, to the height of all those who belong to my spiritual advancement. I need to artificially do it since after all, my natural way is my ego. If I want to act naturally, I will remain an animal since that is my nature.

The Creator created us like that, and He doesn’t hide it. It’s exactly what He says, directly: “I created the evil inclination.” He’s not embarrassed to say that He created us like animals. But He gave us the opportunity to make ourselves into human beings instead, and we must do this.

If I constantly forget, don’t understand, don’t feel, am confused, and don’t grasp what I am learning, then I finally need to understand that this is sent to me as help. Everything that happens to me at each moment: with health, family, at work, on the street, in the group, during studies, with my inner clarifications, and with my thoughts, all the burdens and confusion, everything is given to me only so that I will arrange all this data correctly on a value scale. I need to clarify what is higher and lower, what can or cannot help me, to cut it from me, and to not pay attention to it now.

This means that from all of these disturbances, I build a spiritual structure, a spiritual Partzuf. From all of my desires, thoughts, and relations, from all the influences on me, I must create a model of myself that shows me who I want to be now, how to relate to everything, what is important for me and what is less, and what can help me or is completely useless.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/2011, TES

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