Returning To The Unity That Already Exists

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need the influence of the Light that Reforms to make of us one desire, one vessel. How can we summon this Light to shine on us? In order to do that, Kabbalists have described its actions. It makes no difference if these actions are directly connected to us. What’s important is that we awaken the Light. By our intentions, we awaken it, the “One, Unique, and Unified” that exists.

When I read The Book of Zohar, I don’t feel anything. What is described there is concealed from me. To imagine different images is to create idols. I know only one thing: The “One,” the concept that I yearn for, corrects the shattered vessels, meaning the desires that are separated by egoism. I want it to correct the separation. This is what I think about, yearn for, and demand.

I don’t worry about understanding The Zohar because as it is written, “it is not the wise one who learns.” This is called the “studying of the Torah.” After all, the Torah, the method of correction (as it is written, “I created the evil inclination, and I created the Torah as a spice”), is not attained by the mind. I correct my egoism and connect with others by the power of the “One.” In this collection of desires, I discover the new integral reality, the upper world.

We know this from the experience that each of us has after years of studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. The mind doesn’t help in any way. There is some internal change, and then I begin to understand, to feel, and to connect the different notions better.

So, in order to summon the influence of the One who will unite me with all of reality, I simply have to read about His actions. However, I aim myself toward the outcome of the reading, the influence of the Light that Reforms: It brings me back to the state of the One from whom it comes. This is what is important.

I add the group to this. I add myself, the entire world, and everything that I perceive in my reality. Everything has to connect to the notion of the “One, Unique, and Unified.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/2011, The Zohar

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  1. When I watch the morning lesson, is it beneficial to listen to the zohar portion in Hebrew, even though I don’t understand the language at all?

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