Questions About The Ego, Circulation, Depression, And Teenage Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understood that there are laws and forces in our world. What law or force prevents me from attaining bestowal and why? How can I change this in myself?

Answer: Your egoism prevents you from this on purpose. It can be tamed only by an external force, which acts only when you study, communicate with similar people, and teach others because the force of correction is hidden in the connection between us.

Question: If the 99% of humanity can’t change anything themselves, what exactly are we trying to change in them with our circulation efforts?

Answer: We, the 1%, should correct ourselves through uniting in the group and by the force of our unity (Arvut) unite all those 99% who are outside the group. See “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Items 70-71.

Question: Can a man or a woman who studies and disseminates Kabbalah and is in our environment be depressed? If so, what is the reason?

Can people who have a genetic and hereditary susceptibility to depression or mania study Kabbalah?

Answer: In our time, depression is the most common phenomenon, and the cure for it is greater involvement in group activities.

Question: I have three teenagers at home, and they absolutely refuse to listen to the wisdom of Kabbalah. How and when can I talk to them about this topic?

Answer: Do not talk to them about Kabbalah until they grow up and desire to hear about it themselves.

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